First Time Homebuyers

Purchasing your first house in Colorado Springs?

It's a great accomplishment to purchase your first home. Of course with all the exhilaration is also some fear. If you're like most people, I bet you'll likely want some expert direction along the way -- and you'll undoubtedly need an agent looking out for your greatest interests. I'm a veteran in Colorado Springs real estate, and I'm absolutely trained and qualified to assist you with buying your first house. 

Not everyone with a real estate license is equally qualified to help you find your first home. My dedication to my clients is what sets me apart. Here are some things you can count on when you use Robert DeYoung of  Real Estate Group for your first time home purchase.

Let The EPIC Real Estate Group help you with your first home purchase in Colorado Springs.

  • The process of purchasing a home has a considerable amount of stages. I'll be there for everything from locating the ideal house among all the properties available in Colorado Springs, to advising you on closing costs and everything in between. 
  • Need assistance with establishing a want list of features and amenities that you want in your home, your neighborhood, and your school district? I'm the local expert, and would be honored to assist you. 
  • The financial details of buying a home can be overwhelming. I'll walk you through the various mortgages and home buying plans accessible. 
  • I will make sure you see all the houses that meet your needs, and keep track of all of the latest listings. 
  • Rest assured that I'll do everything in my power to take out all the worry and stress that goes along with purchasing your home.

I am ready to help you buy your ideal house in the Colorado Springs area!

Why Buy a Home in Colorado Springs?

Most people buy homes to have control over where they live. Although investment features are important, the psychological reasons for buying – the satisfaction of owning and freedom from paying rent are at least as important.

In a survey done by the National Association of REALTORS® showed that 76% of owners and 66% of renters consider pride of ownership an important reason for buying.

Renting offers a lifestyle that’s nearly maintenance-free. That may appeal to some, but consider that renting offers you no equity, no tax benefit, and no protection against regular rent increases. Writing a rent check is just like watching your hard earned money sail away into a trash can full of rent receipts.

Settling down was another important reason to buy. The tax advantage consists of qualified home interest payments and property taxes which are deductible on Schedule A of itemized deductions. Home buyer’s consider home ownership a good investment because they view it as a long-term venture.

Home ownership always has and continues to comprise the single largest source of savings for American households. Homeowners build equity and can borrow against it.


Based on 6% Rental Increase Each Year, If You Now Pay…


  $700/mo $800/mo $900/mo $1000/mo $1200/mo $1500/mo
  You'll Pay You'll Pay You'll Pay You'll Pay You'll Pay You'll Pay
This Year $8,400 $9,600 $10,800 $12,000 $14,400 $18,000
Next Year $8,904 $10,176 $11,448 $12,720 $15,264 $19,080
3rdYear $9,438 $10,786 $12,134 $13,483 $16,179 $20,224
4th Year $10,004 $11,433 $12,862 $14,291 $17,149 $21,437
5th Year $10,604 $12,118 $13,633 $15,148 $18,177 $22,723
6th Year $11,240 $12,845 $14,450 $16,056 $19,267 $24,086
7th Year $11,914 $13,615 $15,317 $17,019 $20,423 $25,531
8th Year $12,628 $14,431 $16,346 $18,040 $21,648 $27,062
9th Year $13,385 $15,296 $17,326 $19,122 $22,946 $28,685
10th Year $14,188 $16,213 $18,365 $20,269 $24,422 $29,406
TOTAL $110,705 $126,513 $142,681 $158,498 $189,875 $236,234