Master of Real Estate Designation (MRE)

Find your own personal Master of Real Estate REALTOR, an agent who has the experience and dedication to their profession to understand not only the marketplace, but also you, the consumer.

What are you looking for in a real estate professional?

It has been reported that the majority of those involved in a real estate transaction are looking for three things in their real estate agent. Above all else, customers want an agent who is trustworthy, will communicate with them on an ongoing basis and who will represent their interests. These three traits are the hallmarks of the MRE.

What is the MRE?

MRE stands for Master of Real Estate. The MRE program is designed to provide advanced training beyond all other designations. Critical skills of the real estate business and market driven education in current real estate topics and issues are fully explored. The MRE designation signifies a broker dedicated to professional development and customer service.

The MRE designation is granted to those who complete a rigorous 90 hours of education (more hours than some states require in pre-license education!) and they must have already earned another qualifying designation. The MRE is a REALTOR who embraces the code of ethics, and all MRE’s designees have completed ethics training.

Why should I work with a Master of Real Estate?

Licensees, brokers, office managers, and seasoned professionals all benefit from the up-to-date information offered by the MRE designation. Additionally, MRE courses offer statewide networking possibilities. In short, REALTORS who want to advance their competitive edge earn the MRE.

This gives the MRE not only an educational advantage over all of the competition, it also gives them a reputation among their peers in the industry for success and professional development. You benefit to working with an MRE comes in many forms. Your MRE designated REALTOR will be;

  • A Better trained real estate professional with a higher level of education
  • Experienced in the industry
  • Connected to the industry through MRE marketing and reports
  • A leader in their field. Many MRE designees are involved in leadership at their local and state boards!
  • A leader in their communities. The MRE will be dedicated to development not only of themselves, but also in the community. Remaining active in local youth and outreach programs, or through working with volunteer organizations, are important to each of us. These are also promoted through the MRE.

Today there are over a million REALTORS in America. You deserve to work with an agent who has set themselves apart from the others, and who has the resources available to them to make your next real estate transaction a success. The MRE program has been developed with an eye towards core consumer goals;

  • Trustworthiness
  • Representation
  • Communication

Take advantage of the best advance training offered today by working with not only a REALTOR but by working with a Master of Real Estate.