Staging a home is relatively new in the past 20 to 30 years but more and more people are doing it and agents are almost requiring it in order to get the max profit from the sale of a home. While you can hire professional home stagers that cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, there are some tips and tricks that they use that you can implement and save yourself a ton of money. If you're planning on selling your Colorado Springs home in the next few months, take a look at these five cheap ways to stage your home like a professional.

#1. Remove all personal items.5 Cheap Ways to Stage Your Home Like the Pros

As your agent, I'm going to say this anyway, but, nine times out of 10, many homeowners don't do it. Remember, you're trying to sell the house, not your personal collections, belongings, or photographs. Buyers don't care about that cute little family photo you took in the pumpkin patch last year. They need to see the house and anything that distracts them will only distract them from making an offer as well. Put away any religious items, personal photos, sports memorabilia, and collections. You want buyers to see themselves in the home, not you.

#2. Declutter.

Again, this is something that every real estate agent will tell you to do but it is extremely important, potentially one of the most important steps. If you've been watching Marie Kondo and how to organize your life, she says to get rid of everything that does not bring you joy. Now, I understand that a hammer may not bring you joy, but it is a necessity, however, do you need 12 of them? Remove everything out of closets, drawers, cupboards, pantries, and any other storage in the house and pack it up lovingly and put just a couple of things back so each storage area in the house looks clean and clutter free. Remove everything off of counters, desks, and dressers and put 1 to 3 things back, no more.

#3. Make sure every room has a purpose.

Have you turned your dining room into the makeshift playroom because you just don't use the dining room? It's time to turn that room back into what it was meant to be. Every room needs a purpose so stage the dining room with a lovely table and chairs and set the table. This works particularly good if you never use it. It stays beautifully set until you sell. Bathrooms should be arranged as if they are a spa-like oasis with baskets of toiletries and rolled up linens. A larger bedroom can have a sitting area in the corner complete with a lamp, table, book, and eyeglasses. Outdoor kitchen areas can set the stage for an evening of entertainment with a bottle of wine, a couple of glasses, and maybe a bowl of fruit, ready for that backyard barbecue.

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#4. Clean and deodorize.

Many homeowners simply clean and miss the deodorizing part. Of course, you need to have a clean house in order to get the most profit from the sale, but have you become nose blind to the odors in your house? Do you have pets? Have you smoked in the house? Has there been a water leak in there still a mildew/musty smell? If you are unsure about your home's odors, have a trusted friend give the sniff test and then eliminate those odors before showing the house. If you have pets, remove all evidence of the pets including the pet during a showing.

#5. Don't forget about curb appeal.

Most featured images from a property listing will show the outside of the house or the view from the house so it needs to be amazing. That first impression is what will draw buyers to look further. Curb appeal is just as important as the inside of the house so make sure the lawn is carefully mowed, sidewalks and walkways are trimmed and edged, there's no debris or leaves on the sidewalk, the driveway is pressure washed, consider painting the trim or the front door, and verify that the front porch is clear for buyers and their agents as they wait to enter the house.

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These are probably the most common ways that stagers set up a listed home. By going down the list and making note of everything that needs to be changed, corrected, and designed, you can inexpensively stage your home just like a pro.

Every home is different so if you have a unique layout that you are stuck on how to stage, give me a call. I have sold hundreds of homes in the Colorado Springs area and would love to give some tips and advice on what Colorado Springs buyers are looking for.


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