Who says you have to color within the lines? Some of the most amazing home designs and trends I've seen have followed no rules and have absolutely hit it out of the park. So here are six home design rules that are okay to break.

6 Home Design Rules It's Okay to Break

#1. Furniture always has a specific place in each room.

Interior decorators say that you need to pull furniture away from the walls, create sitting areas, and have specific seating places or furniture placements for each room but that doesn't always make sense for every room. Don't be afraid to break tradition in order to be as practical as possible for your lifestyle. Measure the length and height of each wall and work around your architectural features for a design that works for your lifestyle and the furniture you already have.

#2. Keep the room looking uniform.

Everything must have balance, feng shui, and be traditional… Not! Maybe you want to mix a little mid-century modern with a vintage piece that's been in your family for years? Don't be afraid to put more modern design extra traditional pieces especially if you're showcasing those favorite pieces. Interior designers say that they plan to buy more furniture from artists and craftsmen rather than big-name furniture designers in order to create a unique look for each room.

#3. Every home needs specific rooms.

Not every home needs a specific dining room, formal living room, or family room, so don't be afraid to break out of the mold of all traditional rooms in every home. Work with your family, your furniture, and what fits your lifestyle.

#4. Always add an accent splash of color.

You've heard the old saying to keep everything neutral and use pillows or accent pieces for that pop of color and while neutral walls may be the best for a house that's on the market, if you don't love it, don't stick with the norm. Painting an accent wall or even an entire room may be the easiest way to change a space.

6 Home Design Rules It's Okay to Break

#5. All fixtures and finishes should match.

Trendy brushed nickel, aged patina, and all one color hardware is not always what makes a room pop. Embrace mixed metal and do things that make you feel comfortable. Perhaps you found lighting structures from a vintage or rehab store that work perfectly in the hall or a room but you don't have enough for the entire house. Go with what makes you feel comfortable and something you fall in love with and that doesn't necessarily mean it has to match.

#6. Don't mix patterns.

This is a habit that may be hard to break because a lot of people feel that mixing patterns might look too busy. But when paired with complementary colors or similar styles, mixed patterns can actually result in a more dynamic look. For instance, mismatched pillows and plates can be a simple way to add charm and style to a room even though nothing matches.

Bottom line, go with what you love, pieces you feel attached to, and colors and styles that bring you happiness. As Marie Kondo says, what sparks joy for you? Will probably spark joy for someone else as well.


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