Most people know that real estate is hot in the summer months. But so is the weather. This can affect the sales of homes. That simply means that you should take these hot summer months into consideration. Keep reading to find out great home selling tips this summer!

Rush Hour

So many families head out of town or to the lake when the weekends hit. This means that your open house could end up being empty. Choose an alternative time frame that more people may stop by. In fact, we recommend you embracing rush hour!

Keep the lawn mowed

Have you noticed the grass grows faster in the summer? Make sure to keep it moved more often to ensure you have excellent curb appeal. First impressions are crutial when it comes to real estate!

Keep it seasonal

Let’s be honest…heading to a BBQ or pool party sounds like WAY more fun than going to an open house. That means you might as well embrace it! Try adding words into your open house making it feel like a celebration, talk about lemonade trays and how you are excited to be grilling outside. This will make it sound less sales and more enticing!

Decorate for summer

Bold and bright colors add a summer flare to the mix. Make sure to decorate the house a little in the season. You can even add an air freshener that smells more like the meadow and flowers. This helps create an inviting feel.

Show off the outdoors

So many people love to entertain. What a better way to entertain in the summer than having an outdoor gathering. Highlight the outdoor space and show potential buyers how they are utilizing it during summer months.

Keep it cool

There’s nothing worse than entering a home and it is feeling stuffy. Make sure you keep the temperature cool. Keep the air circulating by placing floor fans about the house. Also, turn the air conditioning to a level just below your comfort on days that are very hot. This will even keep potential buyers from leaving early.

Advertise ASAP

Spread the word that the house is going on the market soon. You can do this online and offline by word of mouth. It’s important to get people excited.

If you are looking to put your home on the market this summer, give us a call today!