You have probably heard that getting a home inspection is important. Whether you are getting on before you sell your home or before you purchase a home, there are important questions to ask. That is why we came up with the most important questions to ask a home inspector. We will also explain why these questions are so important. Keep reading to find out!

Ask them to be specific

The inspector may be using fancy words. Those fancy words may be leaving you confused but you continue just smile and nod your head. You also may not know a whole lot about home and the various aspects of them, so you are ready confused on many levels. During the inspection, ask the inspector to go through the entire house. If you are not completely clear on something they are saying, ask them to be specific. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about what they are telling you, and make sure that you understand the issue before moving to the next room.

Is this a big deal?

Although you want the home to be in perfect condition, small issues may not be a big deal at all. It’s important to know what a big deal is and what is a minor issue. For example, a foundation problem can be a lot more crucial and a small detail. Also, if the inspector does talk about a foundation problem, find out if it even is a big deal. Many scary sentences that include the foundation or the roof can sound like a big red flag, in realty they may be a $50 quick fix.

Ask questions

If you see anything that looks odd or out of place, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If there is anything bothering you about the home it is important to note it and discuss it with the home inspector.

Ask their option

Asking the question of, what is your biggest concern about this property? Can answer a lot of questions when it comes to how big or little some of the issues are. This will also allow you to leave the appointment with a mental (and sometimes written) list of things that need to be addressed with the buyer or seller.

The home inspection is a very important process during any real estate transaction. Your home is such a big investment and it is important to know if you are making a great choice or not. Knowing more details about the home will allow you to do just that. For more information on the home inspection process, or if you are buying a home, contact us today!